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Veggies Farm partners (referral program)


About Partners

VF Partners is an additional form to earn in Veggies Farm NFT game. The system generates a custom link which you can share among your friends or in your social media posts. 

You will receive 10% from all mints made by your link, with progress transparently tracked in real-time. Every partner who brings 50 players gets an Edgy Veggie NFT for free!

If player visits site via your link, and return during a month and will mint - it will be still calculated as a mint from your link, so you will still generate a profit.

New players referred via invite links will also receive +250 extra coins (2250 total) and +25 extra gems (45 in total) when they will start a game. 

There are no fees to participate in referral program, its absolutely free.

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How to start

It's easy to start earning via partners program. Here are the steps:

1. Visit partners page: and press a Login button.


2. Login via your wallet (all the revenues will be send to the wallet address which you used to login).

Share your link with your friends and track the progress:


3. When all players referred by you will spend at least 20 MATIC (that mean your balance will be at least 2 MATIC), you will be able to withdraw. Left till payout text will be changed to "Get" link. Just press it to receive your funds. 

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