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Build your dream farm! Develop your farm's infrastructure,  grow and harvest your crops. Mine gold and discover artifacts in the mine. Build a facilities to process your crops and establish a trading system!


Earn $GMGEM while playing. Get in-game items in form of NFTs and trade them on any NFT marketplace. Withdraw your GMGEM via Bank every week! Withdrawals are completely gas-free in this game.  

Build different structures to gain access to various minigames and increase your farm profits. Visit a Sawmill to launch Forest minigame and gain Wood in a fantasy forest. 

Visit your farm every day to get daily bonuses in form of mushrooms, blueberries,  recharged energy and more! 

Build your army to participate in epic PVP battles, attack your friends and protect your town.

Compete with other players to climb on a leaderboard and receive higher MATIC rewards each week. 

Don't forget to check our Roadmap  for details.

Another way to earn with Veggies Farm is to join our Partners program

Don't hesitate to check Our Team and contact us in case you have any questions.

You are also welcome to check tutorials uploaded to our You Tube channel


Q: Which Chain is this game based on?

A: Polygon

Q: What do I need in order to start playing in P2E Mode?

A: You will need a Pass or Veggie. Minimum is a Bronze Pass, you can mint it for 5 MATIC currently. Bronze pass ROI is 3-5 weeks, depending on time spent in game.

Q: Where can I see a roadmap?

A: Here, on  Roadmap page

Q: Who are the team behind this project?

A: The team is fully doxxed, you are welcome to check us out and say hello on Contacts page.

Q: How to earn in this game?

A: You are welcome to check How To Earn page in our WIKI.

Q: How to withdraw my $GMGEM?

A: Check How to Withdraw page in our WIKI.

Q: Can I play on my phone?

A: Yes, there's an iPhone and Android versions available via progressive app.

Q: I have a problems with Mint...

A: Please make sure your browser supports web3 via some plugin or you have a wallet installed on your mobile. Recommended setup to mint is Chrome + MM plugin, or internal browser in your MetaMask / Trust Wallet mobile app.

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