Veggie Knights is the collection of 11000 NFT game heroes, who enable different perks, active and passive abilities for Veggies Farm PVP mode.

Your Veggie Knight will lead your army to epic Veggies Farm  Game PVP battles. Using Knights active and passive abilities, you will boost your armies stats and/or enable several different powerful spells to deal damage to your opponents army or boost your own warriors.

Active abilities depends on knights Weapon.


Generative PFP Collection, Game hero characters


11000 1/1 Knights




25 MATIC. The price is flat for all rarity. You will get a random knight after mint.

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Veggie Knights Weapons

Veggie Knights Armor

More info about Veggie Knights 


Each knight unlocks specific active and passive abilities for PVP mode. Active and passive abilities depend on armor and weapons that your knight is equipped with, and knights horse. Some armor and weapon combinations gives more powerful setup, some lead to less powerful setup. You are able to switch the knight before each PVP battle, so there's an ability to fight with knights that can crack different kind of defense.


There is different rarity of traits. Weapons, armor, horses, background and faces have different chance to be minted. The overall Knight rarity is calculated based on rarity of his/her traits composed. Rarity tool will be released soon after all collection will be minted.  


Public mint: 25 MATIC

We keep the price flat, disregarding Knights traits and rarity. You get random knight during the mint.


Veggie Knights Horses