0% passes minted

Here we start. We are adding new game content and / or mechanics every week or more often. All the income we generate will go to marketing needs.

40% passes minted

Community to decide whether to enable a PvP mode in game.
Edgy Veggie NFT holders receive a free WL spot to our token launch event. 

10% passes minted

We added "EARN" part of "play to earn" buzzword to game. Players receive MATIC for playing every week. Weekly pool is formed by sharing 10% of weekly game revenue. We starting some marketing activities at this point. 

60% passes minted

We will launch our own token. Community to decide whether and how it will be binded to in-game currency. We will come up with suggested models.

25% passes minted

Adding additional in-game NFT items, such as land plots, structure upgrades, etc. 

100% passes minted

We launch another game in our metaverse. Game details are to be announced.