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About Leaderboards

Leaderboard is a form of leaders ranking representation, in weekly competition events currently. Ranking is done according to amount of points that player earned during the period.

A new competition starts each week. All players automatically take a part in a competition. Players earning points by making or spending coins in game. One coin is equal to one point.

Lets review an example:

Player seeded one plot with wheat. This action costs 2 coins in Veggies Farm NFT game. This means that by doing so player earned 2 points.

Next thing, player process seed in to flour. This action costs 5 coins. So player earns 5 more points.

Next step, player sells flour in store and earns 10 coins for that. This means that player just earned 10 points on top.

So grow wheat - produce flour - sell flour brings 17 (2+5+10) points to player.

Same formula is valid for any buildings construction, gaining coins from mining sessions, growing and selling any crops, producing and selling any goods.

Points from last period will not be transferred to next period. This means disregarding the amount of points player made during one competition week, next week will be started with zero points. Leaderboard is updated close to real-time, so the recently earned points will be instantly reflected in leaderboard and according players positions changed.

Top players will receive a presents in the end of the week. There will be a separate announcement in regards to presents each week. The first competition will start next week, leaderboard feature runs in test mode currently.

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