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Mushrooms update

New features:

  • Daily mushrooms collection ability added to game. Now players are able to collect a mushroom every day. New mushroom grows once in every 24 hours in a random place near the forest. Mushrooms are very expensive to sell and used to produce expensive goods in Veggies Farm NFT game. Players are able to sell collected mushrooms in a market stall or produce goods from them in relevant facilities.


  • Some wild animals were added to game in order to add to overall game immersion. Players will be able to see falcons, water turtles and deers in a game

  • Total capacity number was removed from items icons in warehouse because it led to wrong understanding of capacity by players

  • Dedicated sound was added for corn planting and harvesting

  • Gem sounds were added to game

  • Some game sounds were reworked

  • Mushroom mechanics introduction was added to intro scene

  • Options menu was temporary hidden from intro screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed sound and music state in options

  • Lots of small bug-fixes and performance improvements

Visit Veggies Farm game to try all new features!

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