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Veggies Farm NFT Game Introduces "Stable" Update and Giveaway

Updated: Mar 21

Stable in Veggies Farm NFT game

We are excited to announce the release of the "Stable" update for the Veggies Farm NFT Game! This update introduces a new building – the Stable – and to celebrate, we are hosting a giveaway with three free Gold Chests up for grabs. Read this announcement till the end to understand how to get them!

Discover the Stable Update

The Stable update brings a new dimension to the world of NFT Farming and our Crypto Farm NFT Game. By adding the Stable building to your farm, you can now recruit powerful Cavalry units to strengthen your army. To apply the update, simply restart your game client, and the changes will take effect.

Giveaway: Win 3 Free Gold Chests

To commemorate the release of the Stable update, we're giving away three free Gold Chests. Watch our promotional video to learn more about how to participate and get a chance to enhance your Farming Crypto Game experience with valuable rewards.

Additional Updates and Bug Fixes

Apart from the Stable update, we have made several improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Limiting the FPS to 60 for smoother gameplay.

  • Fixing the zoom functionality in the town location.

  • Applying performance improvements to the game's loading process.

Dive into the Veggies Farm NFT Game and explore the Stable update now! Don't forget to participate in the giveaway for a chance to win three free Gold Chests. Good luck, and enjoy your enhanced farming experience!

Note: Don't forget to check out and join Veggies Farm Partners referral system to earn additional MATIC by inviting your friends!

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