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Step into the lush landscapes of Veggies Farm, a universe where gaming meets blockchain in the most delightful and rewarding way. GameGem, our token, plays a pivotal role in this realm, acting as a powerful catalyst that intertwines with every gaming experience, every achievement, and every strategic decision made within our universe.

Over the past 1.5 years, Veggies Farm has blossomed, growing from just a seed of an idea into a thriving ecosystem. We've witnessed players from all corners of the globe joining our journey, driving us to innovate and push the boundaries of blockchain gaming. As a reflection of our commitment and a testament to our vision, we present to you the official GameGem tokenomics.

This page is dedicated to providing clarity on how GameGem tokens are allocated, their utility in the Veggies Farm universe, and how they symbolize the future we're building together with our community. As we venture into this next phase, we invite you to dive deep, understand the mechanics, and be a part of our flourishing story.

Allocation Chart

  • Private Sales: 0.13%

  • IDO: 13%

  • Gaming: 30%

  • Marketing: 10%

  • DEX/CEX Liquidity: 5%

  • Team: 15%

  • Treasury: 21.87%

  • Reserve: 5%

🌍 Total Supply

100,000,000 GMGEM

This is the maximum number of GMGEM tokens that will ever exist.

🔒 Locks

All Token locks are done on GemPad locker, see details: 

🌱 Allocation

Private Sales


Private Sales Round1, Round2 Details

  • All funds are collected to $GMGEM Private Sale Wallet ( please don't send funds directly to this wallet, use the website page for relevant sales round [ Edgy Veggie Holders (Private1) | Game Pass Holders (Private2) ]):   0x6c8c3670FBb39aa8CAFc29a2ffF5c7E807cc072A

  • This wallet will never be connected to any DAPP for security reasons

  • Raised Funds Allocation:

    • Public Sale - IDO, Launchpads listing costs

    • Marketing

    • Urgent Cases Liquidity

Public Sale
  • IDO's:

    • Maximum allocation: 13% (13,000,000 GMGEM)

    • Pricing: $0.0425 per GMGEM (15% discount)

    • Vesting: 20% on Token Generation Event (TGE), then 20% monthly for 4 months

  • Raised Funds Allocation:

    • DEX Liquidity

    • CEX Listing

    • Marketing

    • Further Games Development

Utility and Rewards
  • Gaming Rewards:

    • 30% (30,000,000 GMGEM)

    • 🔒 Locked

    • Distributed as rewards for in-game achievements, contests, and events.

  • Marketing, Community & Airdrops:

    • 10% (10,000,000 GMGEM)

    • ​🔒 Locked

    • Breakdown:

      • Community Engagement: 3%

      • Airdrops: 2%

      • Collaborations and Partnerships: 2.5%

      • Miscellaneous Marketing Activities: 2.5%

  • DEX/CEX Liquidity:

    • 5% (5,000,000 GMGEM)

Operational and Future Growth
  • Team:

    • 15% (15,000,000 GMGEM)

    • ​🔒 Locked

    • Vesting: 0.25% at TGE, 12-month cliff, then linearly over 12 months.

  • Treasury:

    • 21.91% (21,868,735 GMGEM)

    • ​🔒 Locked

    • Breakdown:

      • Further Game Development: 7%

      • Expansion to other platforms and creation of new games: 11.91%

      • Miscellaneous expenses: 3%

  • Maintenance & Reserve:

    • 5% (5,000,000 GMGEM)

    • ​🔒 Locked

    • Ensuring smooth operations and serving as a reserve fund. For unexpected expenses, urgent game upgrades, or as a buffer for any unforeseen financial needs.

🔐 Vesting Details

Our vesting schedule is designed to ensure a long-term commitment from all stakeholders and to secure the sustainable growth of Veggies Farm.

Details for vesting schedules for different allocations can be found in the allocation section.

💡 Utility of GMGEM

  • In-game Purchases: Buy exclusive in-game items, passes, and more.

  • Earn & Redeem: Win GMGEM through in-game achievements and redeem exciting rewards.

  • Staking: Future plans include staking GMGEM to earn unique rewards and benefits.

  • Participation in Governance: Influence the future direction of the game.

📈 Valuation

Target Valuation: $5,000,000

For a deeper insight into how we arrived at this valuation, click here.

🔗 Useful Links

*The tokenomics presented above is subject to change based on the evolving nature of the gaming industry and the growth trajectory of Veggies Farm.

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