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About Veggies Farm

Veggies Farm is a thrilling play to earn game, where you can build your own town, grow and sell a variety of crops, construct different facilities, search for artifacts in mine, play a forest game puzzles, engage in epic PVP battles and earn $MATIC for playing!

The game is live for 1.5 years and doing great! We've already payed-out more than 15k $MATIC to our players. Current Bronze Pass ROI is 3-4 weeks, depends on time spent in game.


It's easy to start a game, all you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Mint a pass or Edgy Veggie

  2. Start a game 

  3. Earn crypto for playing a game

Mint a pass or Veggie NFT from this page to participate in promo!

Summer promo!

Mint a pass now and get additional 25 in-game gems and 250 in-game coins for free when you will start a game! 




*Your wallet should be configured to POLYGON Mainnet network before minting the pass.  There is a video tutorial available.


Start a game with 7 Land Plots and Minimal economic bonuses with Bronze Pass. Price is 5 MATIC. 

Start a game with 8 Land Plots and Medium economic bonuses with Silver Pass. Price is 10 MATIC. 

Start a game with 9 Land Plots and High economic bonuses with Gold Pass. Price is 20 MATIC. 


Start a game with 12 Land Plots and Extra economic bonuses, receive a FREE Veggie Knight NFT airdrop and FREE WL to game token private sale with an Edgy Veggie NFT

Mint Bronze Pass
Mint Silver Pass
Mint Gold Pass
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