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Bank is a main financial building in Veggies Farm NFT game.

Welcome to the Bank Building, an essential structure in the Veggies Farm NFT Game that provides a secure storage for your hard-earned coins. This article will provide you with an in-depth overview of the Bank Building's features and benefits in the world of Farming Crypto Game.

Overview of the Bank Building

The Bank Building is a crucial element in the NFT Farming world of Veggies Farm. It becomes available once you reach level 5, allowing you to store and manage your coins efficiently.

Key Features of the Bank Building:

  • Unlocked at level 5

  • Default storage capacity of 100,000 coins

  • Displays a list of in-game perks and capacities

  • Provides information on weekly MATIC earnings

Storage Capacity and Upgrade NFTs

The Bank Building in the Crypto Farm Game has a limited storage capacity, which is determined by the in-game perks you possess (Bank Upgrade NFTs). The default capacity of the Bank is 100,000 coins. Without the Bank, you cannot store more than 6,000 coins.

By tapping on the Bank, you can access a complete list of your in-game perks, as well as the current and maximum storage capacity of your Bank.

Track Your Weekly MATIC Earnings

In addition to providing storage for your coins, the Bank Building also allows you to monitor your weekly MATIC earnings. By navigating to the second page of the Bank pop-up, you can view your current week's earnings and information about the previous week's rewards.

Bank Building Specifications

  • Price: 6,000 coins

  • Construction Time: 200 minutes

  • Unlocks at: Level 5

Embark on your NFT Farm Game journey and make the most of your Farming NFT Game experience by unlocking and utilizing the Bank Building for efficient coin storage and management.

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