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Barracks is a building, which allow to recruit infantry PVP units

The Barrcks is a PVP building, available in town. Barracks price is 20000 coins, same as other PVP buildings.

You can recruit infantry PVP units in Veggies Farm Play To Earn Game via Barracks. 

There are 3 melee infantry units available for recruitmet in Veggies Farm.

  • Peasant is an entry melee unit. Peasants don't have neither strong armor, nor they can deal high damage.

  • Pikeman is a next level upgrade of Peasant melee unit. Pikemen have armor and better weapon to deal damage. 

  • Halberdier is a top level melee unit. The best armor available in the game is worn by halberdiers. Their weapon is designed to deal maximum possible damage.

Peasants, initial infantry unit, are available for hiring out-of-the-box, however, you should explore needed equip in Forge in order to unlock higher level units.

Price: 20000 coins

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