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Cannery is a facility that produces canned and pickled goods in Veggies Farm NFT game.

Introducing the Cannery Building, a vital production facility in the Veggies Farm NFT Game that allows players to produce a variety of canned and pickled goods. This article will provide you with a detailed description of the Cannery Building's functions and advantages in the world of Farming Crypto Game.

Overview of the Cannery Building

The Cannery Building is an essential component in the NFT Farm Game world of Veggies Farm. It becomes accessible once you reach level 6, enabling you to manufacture various types of canned and pickled goods for sale at a high price.

Key Features of the Cannery Building:

  • Unlocked at level 6

  • Produces canned and pickled goods

  • Offers a high sale price for goods

  • Displays a list of goods available for production

Producing Goods in the Cannery Building

To create goods in the Cannery Building in the Crypto Farm Game, simply tap on the Cannery and browse through the list of available goods and their respective prices. Tap on a good's picture to begin producing your chosen item. These canned and pickled goods can be sold at a considerably high price, increasing your in-game profits.

Cannery Building Specifications

  • Price: 16,000 coins

  • Construction Time: 533 minutes

  • Unlocks at: Level 6

Begin your NFT Farm Game journey and enhance your Farming NFT Game experience by unlocking and utilizing the Cannery Building for the production of valuable canned and pickled goods.

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