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Forge is a place where you are able to explore equips for your PVP units

The Forge is a PVP building, available in town. Forge price price is 20000 coins, same as other PVP buildings.

You can explore various equips (upgrades) for PVP units in Veggies Farm Play To Earn Game in Forge. 

There are 3 PVP unit types in Veggies Farm: 

  • Melee infantry - infantry for close melee combat, 

  • Ranged infantry - infantry which is attacking from distance, 

  • Cavalry - mounted warriors. Each of 3 types has 3 units levels.

Initial level of each unit type is available for hiring from start. In order to unlock second and third level of each unit type, however, you should explore needed equip in Forge.

You will spend some resources, in order to explore new equip. Common resources to explore new equip are Iron and Coal.

Price: 20000 coins

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