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Gem Mine

Gem Mine

Gem Mine adds an ability to farm Gems in Veggies Farm NFT game.

The Gem Mine stands as one of the latest advancements within the Veggies Farm NFT Game environment, offering players the ability to harvest gems directly in their in-game landscape.

Production Rate:

  • Default: Produces 1 gem every 24 hours post the previous harvest. It's essential to collect these gems daily to initiate the production of the next gem.

  • With Magic Pickaxe NFT: Owning one Magic Pickaxe NFT boosts the mine's productivity, allowing for 2 gems every 24 hours.

  • With 2 Magic Pickaxe NFTs: Elite players possessing 2 of these NFTs will see an even higher yield, with the mine producing 3 gems within the same 24-hour period.

Please note: Regardless of gem production, collection is permitted once every 24 hours.

Location & Access:
The Gem Mine is located within the Town section of the game. Players will need to reach LVL 35 to gain access to this feature.

Construction Details:

  • Cost: 30k gold coins

  • Construction Time: 16.7 hours

The introduction of the Gem Mine into the Veggies Farm NFT Game landscape provides players with an added layer of strategy and resource management. As you navigate through the game, remember to collect your gems daily and optimize your collection based on the NFTs you possess. Happy mining!

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