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Pumpkins are a vibrant touch to the Veggies Farm NFT Game.


Pumpkins introduce a vibrant touch to the farming lands of the Veggies Farm NFT Game. As a classic crop choice, they provide players with a mix of strategy, resource investment, and rewards.

Players can start planting pumpkins upon reaching level 16 in the game.

Planting & Harvesting Details:

  • Planting Cost: 60 coins

  • Sell Price: 120 coins

  • Grow Time: 4 hours

Note: The actual grow time may vary based on the NFT modifiers a player possesses. Passes, the Edgy Veggie NFT, and Water Pump NFT can significantly reduce the grow time, accelerating the cultivation process.

Growth Modifiers:
Players have the chance to speed up the pumpkin growth by owning specific NFTs:

  • Passes: Various game passes can influence the grow time.

  • Edgy Veggie NFT: Owning this NFT introduces a substantial reduction in growth time.

  • Water Pump NFT: This equipment further aids in faster pumpkin cultivation.

Pumpkins are more than just a Halloween staple in Veggies Farm NFT Game. They offer players a valuable crop choice that can yield good returns, especially when combined with the right NFT modifiers. As you advance in the game, make the most of your pumpkin crops by leveraging the power of passes and NFTs. Happy farming!

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