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Magic Pickaxe

Magic Pickaxe

The Magic Pickaxe NFT is a unique in-game asset designed to enhance the mining experience in Veggies Farm NFT Game. With its enchanted abilities, it boosts the rewards from mining activities, making it a valuable asset for dedicated miners.




  1. Gold Mine Boost: Owning a Magic Pickaxe NFT grants players a 10% increase in revenue from each game in the gold mine mini-game.

  2. Gem Mine Enhancement: The pickaxe allows players to harvest an additional gem every 24 hours from the gem mine.

Stacking Capabilities:
Players can boost their mining benefits by owning multiple Magic Pickaxe NFTs:

  • 1 Magic Pickaxe: +10% revenue in the gold mine mini-game and +1 gem in the gem mine.

  • 2 Magic Pickaxes: A maximum of +20% revenue from the gold mine and +2 gems from the gem mine.

Note: While players might possess more than two Magic Pickaxe NFTs in their wallets, only the effects of two pickaxes will be applied to the game. Any additional Magic Pickaxe NFTs beyond the first two won't influence the gaming process.

Players should be aware of the NFT's cap. Only the effects of up to 2 Magic Pickaxes can be active at any given time, ensuring a balanced gaming environment for all participants.

The Magic Pickaxe NFT is a game-changer for miners in Veggies Farm NFT Game. It not only amplifies the gold revenues from the gold mine mini-game but also augments the gem harvesting process. This NFT, with its stacking capabilities, offers players an edge in their mining endeavors. However, with its limitations, it also preserves the competitive spirit of the game. Invest wisely, mine diligently, and reap the magical benefits!

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