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Town House

Town House

Introducing the Town House - a crucial NFT that serves as a centerpiece of your Veggies Farm settlement. This isn't just a house; it's the heart of your town, the center of your thriving community, and the foundation of your formidable army.

The Town House expands the maximum capacity of your town, offering additional living quarters for your brave warriors. It's an NFT that brings strategic value to your game, enhancing your potential for defense, conquest, and dominance on the battlefield.

By default, your town has a capacity of 9 - this means you can recruit 9 brave warriors to stand guard and battle in the vibrant world of Veggies Farm. But why stop there when you can welcome an extra pair of hands? With the Town House, your town's capacity limit increases to 10, allowing you to recruit an additional warrior to bolster your ranks and increase your chances of victory.

At the moment, each player can utilize a maximum of 1 Town House. Even if you possess more, only one will take effect on your game - a rule that may change in future game developments. This limitation emphasizes the importance of each Town House, making it a highly sought-after possession in Veggies Farm.

Priced at just 4 MATIC, the Town House NFT offers a significant advantage, enhancing your gameplay experience, and taking your army to the next level. With a limited supply of 10,000, this precious NFT isn't just another in-game asset; it's a symbol of progress, an emblem of your growing community, and a testament to your strategic prowess.

Secure your Town House today and take your Veggies Farm game to new heights. Expand your horizons, build your army, and embrace the endless possibilities of Veggies Farm NFT game!

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