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Water Pump

Water Pump

Water Pump NFT: Boost Your Harvest in Veggies Farm!

Unveiling the Water Pump: a game-changer for those seeking a bountiful harvest in the Veggies Farm NFT Game. Master the essence of time and maximize your crops' potential.

🌱 Core Benefits:

  • Accelerated Growth: The Water Pump slashes crop growth time by 10%. Witness your crops thrive at an unprecedented pace!

  • Stacked Advantages: Already wielding the power of a Veggie with a 20% growth time reduction? The Water Pump elevates that! Combine the benefits and watch your crops flourish 30% faster. The math: a substantial -10% from the pump and a hearty -20% from your Veggie.

🚜 Usage Guidelines:

  • Optimal Utility: Currently, each player can harness the benefits of two Water Pumps. Equipping more won't amplify the effect. So, if you're thinking of hoarding, hold that thought! This limit ensures a balanced farming experience for all, but stay tuned; future game iterations might bring changes.

  • Limited Supply: There are only 11,000 Water Pumps available, making each one a coveted asset. When they're gone, they're gone. So, act swiftly!

💎 Pricing Details:

The Water Pump is priced at a modest 7 MATIC. A small investment for a richer farming experience.

Dive deep into the Veggies Farm NFT Game, reap more, and make every harvest count! Grab your Water Pump now and unlock the next level of farming mastery.

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