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Important Poll About MATIC Withdrawals!


Veggies Farm NFT Game is conducting an important poll to decide how to handle gas fees and withdrawal delays during high gas prices on the Polygon network. Your input is valuable to help us make the best decision for the community. Participate in the poll here:

Polygon Gas Prices

Gas Prices and how it affects transactions on blockchain

Gas prices play a crucial role in the performance of blockchain transactions. When gas prices are high, it means that the cost of performing transactions on the blockchain increases, resulting in slower processing times and higher fees. This directly impacts Veggies Farm NFT Game players, as we cover the gas fees for $MATIC withdrawals, and during high gas price periods, withdrawal processing can take several days.

Our Poll

To address this issue, we have created a poll to gather your opinions on the best way to handle high gas fees and withdrawal delays in Veggies Farm NFT Game. The poll options are:

  1. Leave it as it works now

  2. Lower pool, but fast withdrawal

  3. Set min withdrawable amount to 0.5 MATIC, fast withdrawal

We encourage you to participate in the poll and help us make an informed decision that will benefit all Veggies Farm NFT Game players. Your feedback is important, and we want to ensure that our community's voice is heard. You can participate in the poll here on Twitter:


As a blockchain gaming expert, I understand the importance of finding a balance between user experience and managing the costs of running a successful NFT game like Veggies Farm. By participating in the poll, you can help us determine the best course of action to handle gas fees and withdrawal delays during high gas price periods on the Polygon network.

Remember, your input is valuable, and we want to ensure that the Veggies Farm NFT Game community's voice is heard. So, please take a few minutes to participate in the poll and help us shape the future of Veggies Farm NFT Game!

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