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Week 51 leadership race is about to start!

This is a start of a weekly players reward system. According to our roadmap, we will launch our own token in some point of progress. There will be a players reward system until we do that.

10% of game revenue will be redistributed to players each week. The distribution is done in accordance to players gaming activity. The more XP points earned the higher reward will be gained. Players earn points by making or spending coins in game. One coin is equal to one point.

Points from last period will not be transferred to next period. This means disregarding the amount of points player made during one competition week, next week will be started with zero points. Current competition stats could be found on leaderboard. Leaderboard is updated close to real-time, so the recently earned points will be instantly reflected in leaderboard and according players positions changed.

Top players will receive bonus awards in the end of the week.

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