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Veggies Farm Week 6 Rewards Sent - A New Milestone in the Exciting World of Farm NFT Gaming

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Check your wallet! Week 6 rewards has just been sent to Veggies Farm game players!

Veggies Farm, the innovative Farm NFT Game that combines NFT Farming with engaging gameplay, has just announced the successful distribution of Week 6 rewards to its loyal players. As a leading Farming Crypto Game, Veggies Farm consistently delivers exciting rewards and regular updates to keep the community engaged and the game experience fresh and captivating.

Week 6 Rewards Successfully Distributed to Veggies Farm Players

The Veggies Farm team has confirmed that Week 6 rewards have been sent to all eligible players. As part of the Farm NFT gaming experience, players can check their historical positions and MATIC distribution for Week 6 on the game's leaderboard:

Exciting Week 7 Pool with 279 MATIC Up for Grabs

Following the distribution of Week 6 rewards, the Veggies Farm team has calculated the Week 7 pool, which amounts to a staggering 279 MATIC. Players can check their current points and MATIC distribution for Week 7 on the game's leaderboard:

Important Update: Game Client Restart Recommended After Rebalance

To ensure a seamless gaming experience, the Veggies Farm team has implemented a recent rebalance update. As a result, all players are strongly advised to restart their game clients to avoid any potential issues. Regular updates and improvements are part of Veggies Farm's commitment to delivering the best Farming NFT Game experience to its players.

Veggies Farm Wishes You a Great Week and Continued Game Progress

The Veggies Farm team is dedicated to providing an engaging and enjoyable NFT Farm gaming experience. They wish all players a great start to the week and continued success in their Farm NFT adventures. The Veggies Farm community continues to grow, and there has never been a better time to join this exciting Crypto Farm NFT Game.

Veggies Farm is a one-of-a-kind Farming Crypto Game that offers an immersive NFT Farm experience with regular rewards and exciting gameplay. Join the Veggies Farm community today and enjoy the thrill of NFT Farming and Farm NFT gaming at its finest.

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