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Veggies Farm Week 8 Rewards Successfully Delivered - Embracing the Thrilling World of Crypto Farm

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Check your wallet! Week 8 rewards has just been sent to Veggies Farm NFT game players!

Veggies Farm, a prominent Farm NFT Game that seamlessly combines NFT Farming with engaging gameplay, is delighted to announce the successful distribution of Week 8 rewards to its dedicated players. As a leading Farming Crypto Game, Veggies Farm continues to offer exciting rewards and updates to maintain a lively community and an ever-evolving game experience.

Week 8 Rewards Distributed to Veggies Farm NFT Game Players

Despite challenging circumstances, the Veggies Farm team has successfully delivered Week 8 rewards to all eligible players, honoring their commitment to punctual payouts. As part of the Farm NFT gaming experience, players can review their historical positions and MATIC distribution for Week 8 on the game's leaderboard:

Exciting Week 9 Pool with 240 MATIC Awaits Players

Following the successful distribution of Week 8 rewards, the Veggies Farm team has calculated the Week 9 pool, featuring an impressive 240 MATIC. Players can check their current points and MATIC distribution for Week 9 on the game's leaderboard:

Veggies Farm Wishes You a Great Week and Continued Game Progress

The Veggies Farm team remains committed to providing an immersive and enjoyable NFT Farm gaming experience. They wish all players a fantastic start to the week and continued success in their Farm NFT endeavors. The Veggies Farm community continues to grow, making it the perfect time to join this captivating Crypto Farm NFT Game.

Veggies Farm offers a unique Farming Crypto Game experience, blending NFT Farming with compelling gameplay. Become a part of the Veggies Farm community today and enjoy the excitement of NFT Farming and Farm NFT gaming at its finest.

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Edwin Surco
Edwin Surco
Mar 18, 2022


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