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What you need to know before upcoming PVP release

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

PVP Battle in Veggies Farm NFT game

As you may know, PVP battles will soon be released in Veggies Farm NFT game . We will try to summarize all the main topics that you should be aware of here. There's several changes introduced to overall game economy and mechanics, so make sure to read this post or watch the video to understand them! Also, we are doing another giveaway in the video as always. Just in case you would be interested in that.

Town Location

Town location is open for all the players, who have built a bridge. Town gate will appear on opposite bank of river, and you will be able to access town location when you click it. If you will click on town gate when you are in town location, it will bring you back to farm location. Town location introduces several new buildings, and gives an access to PVP battles.

Town Buildings

There's several town buildings available in game:

  • Town Hall is place where you can order a construction of other town buildings;

  • Barracks are needed to recruit melee infantry units;

  • Shooting range is needed to recruit infantry ranged units;

  • Stable is used to hire Cavalry units;

  • Forge is needed to craft an upgrades and unlock new units;

  • Market is a place where you could easily buy resources, needed to hire your units.


There's 3 types of units available:

  • Melee Infantry

  • Ranged Infantry

  • Cavalry

Each unit type has advantages over one other unit type. Think about it like a "rock-paper-scissors" game. Melee Infantry performs stronger against Cavalry. Cavalry is stronger against Ranged Infantry. Ranged Infantry is stronger in battles with Melee Infantry. Here's more visual explanation:

Units Strength Chart
Units Strength Chart

Unit Upgrades

There's an ability to craft upgraded units gear in Forge. Higher level units could be unlocked only after appropriate gear has been crafted. For Example, if you would like to recruit Halberdiers, you should craft Halberdiers gear in Forge before. After gear is crafted, the green checkbox will appear over the related gear icon in forge.

Crafted Gear in forge
Crafted Gear in forge


In order to start a Battle, you should click on an opposite town gate. Battle start popup will appear.

Start Battle Popup

If you don't have a veggie knight, there will be just a green button to start a battle. If you have Veggie Knight NFTs, you will be proposed to chose the one which will lead your army to battle. Each Veggie Knight has different set of skills and spells, which are defined by its weapon, armor and horse. If your Veggie Knight has 2 weapons, he/she will have 2 spells to use in battle. If your Veggie knight has a horse, additional passive skills will be applied. Select your preferred knight to start a battle.

Start Battle Popup
Start Battle Popup

Battle Log

There is a "battle log" button on the top left corner of battle start popup, which opens your battle log, a list of most recent battles, both attack and defense.

Battle Log
Battle Log


After you selected a knight and pressed "Start Battle" button, the battle location will load. Your opponent will be chosen via the match-making algo, which uses player level as the main indicator. So there won't be any cases when you will have to perform a battel VS much higher level players.


If you have a Veggie Knight, you will be able to use his/her spells in battle. Each spell could be used one time. Press the spell icon to activate the spell. You will hear sound and see a visual effects when the spell will be activated.

Battle In Veggies Farm
Battle In Veggies Farm

Battle outcome

After battle is finished, you will see a battle outcome popup. There will be an info about how much rewards has been taken, how much taxes payed, etc.

Once you defeated your opponent, you will take a portion of your opponents gold coins as a reward.

All the units which were killed in battle, will disappear, and you will have to recruit them again.

Battle Outcome
Battle Outcome


If you completed a battle successfully, you will take 10% of your opponents gold coins as a reward. If your opponent holds a Bank Vault NFTs, your reward will be smaller by 10% for each Bank Vault that your opponent holds.


Anyone will be able to attack your town and take a rewards from you after PVP will be launched. In order to win defense battles, you should have a strong army, which will defend your town. The same army is used for both Attack and Defense, so make sure you always have some units left to defend your town, other ways you will be losing the defense battles. If player does not have any units while bein attacked, 3 "Peasant" units will be spawned automatically to defend a town. Each player could be attacked not more than 3 times per day.

Defense army
Defense army

That were the main topics I wanted to cover in our fast PVP system intro today. Stay tuned for a public release, will see you soon in Veggies Farm Game battles!

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Hermie Alcantara
Hermie Alcantara

Wow! great informative guide for grinding, Exciting game for those who have NFT infantry units, hopefully have all!

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