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Dragoons were mounted soldiers, who fought dismounted


The Dragoon Unit is a mid-level ranged infantry unit in Veggies Farm NFT Game, an engaging Farm Game that combines the excitement of building a farm with the thrill of player-versus-player (PVP) battles. In this article, we'll explore the characteristics of the Dragoon Unit, its historical background, and how to use it effectively in the game.

Dragoon Unit: An Overview

In Veggies Farm NFT Game, the Dragoon Unit is a powerful ranged infantry unit that offers players a versatile option for their armies. With their ability to deal bonus damage to all melee infantry units, Dragoons are a valuable addition to any player's force.

Dragoon Unit Stats

The Dragoon Unit boasts the following stats:

  • HP: 120

  • Damage: 15

  • Armor: 4.5

  • Speed: 2.1

  • Player Level: 21

  • Upgrades required: Dragoon Gear

To recruit Dragoons, players must first acquire the Dragoon Gear upgrade, which becomes available at Player Level 21.

A Brief History of Dragoons

The Dragoon Unit in Veggies Farm NFT Game is inspired by the historical dragoon regiments that existed in most European armies during the 17th and early 18th centuries. Originally a class of mounted infantry, dragoons used horses for mobility but fought on foot when engaged in battle.

Their name is believed to come from a type of firearm called a "dragon," which was a handgun version of a blunderbuss carried by the French Army's dragoons. These units offered a unique combination of mobility and firepower, providing greater flexibility than regular infantry while being less expensive than cavalry.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Dragoon Unit

In the Veggies Farm NFT Game, the Dragoon Unit excels at dealing damage to melee infantry units, making them a formidable force on the battlefield. Their ranged attacks allow them to engage enemies from a distance, minimizing the risk of taking damage themselves.

However, like other ranged infantry units, Dragoons can be vulnerable to attacks from cavalry units, which can close the distance quickly and strike with devastating force. To counter this weakness, players should consider pairing Dragoons with other units that can effectively deal with cavalry threats.

Using Dragoons Effectively in Veggies Farm NFT Game

To maximize the potential of Dragoons in the Veggies Farm NFT Game, players should consider the following strategies:

  1. Combine with other units: Use Dragoons in combination with other units to create a balanced and versatile army. For example, pair Dragoons with melee infantry to protect them from enemy cavalry or with other ranged units to create a powerful long-range attack force.

  2. Take advantage of their ranged attacks: Position Dragoons behind your front-line units to provide support fire while staying out of harm's way. Their ability to deal bonus damage to melee infantry units can be a significant advantage in battles.

  3. Upgrade Dragoon Gear: To unlock and recruit Dragoons, players must first acquire the Dragoon Gear upgrade. This upgrade not only allows players to recruit Dragoons but also improves their overall performance on the battlefield.


The Dragoon Unit is a versatile and powerful addition to any player's army in Veggies Farm, a popular Farm Game with engaging NFT elements. With their ranged attacks and ability to deal bonus damage to melee infantry units, Dragoons can play a crucial role in both offensive and defensive strategies.

However, it is essential to remember that Dragoons are not invulnerable and can be susceptible to cavalry attacks. Therefore, players should carefully consider their army compositions and tactics to make the most out of their Dragoon Units.

Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the NFT Game scene, adding Dragoons to your army can provide a significant tactical advantage in Veggies Farm NFT Game. So, be sure to upgrade your Dragoon Gear and recruit these formidable ranged infantry units to bolster your forces and achieve victory on the battlefield.

Don't forget to explore other exciting units available in the Veggies Farm NFT Game by visiting the Units page. Happy farming and battling!

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