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Hobelar is an entry cavalry unit.


Welcome to the exciting world of Veggies Farm NFT Game, a captivating Farm Game that combines NFT mechanics with strategic gameplay. Today, we'll explore the Hobelar Unit, an entry-level cavalry unit that brings speed and agility to your army.

An Introduction to the Hobelar Unit

Hobelars are entry-level cavalry units known for their exceptional capabilities against ranged infantry units. Originating from 13th century Ireland, these light cavalry units rode hobbies, a type of light and agile horse, and excelled in scouting, reconnaissance, and patrols.

Here are the key statistics for the Hobelar Unit:

  • HP: 120

  • Damage: 9

  • Armor: 6

  • Speed: 4

  • Player Level: 12

  • Upgrades required: None

Recruiting Hobelars does not require any upgrades, making them an accessible choice for players who are just starting to build their cavalry forces.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Hobelar Unit

Hobelars are particularly effective against ranged infantry units, as their speed allows them to close the distance quickly and engage in melee combat. Their swift and agile nature enables them to navigate the battlefield with ease, making them excellent at outmaneuvering slower units.

However, Hobelars are not as strong against melee infantry units, particularly those that deal bonus damage to cavalry, such as pikemen and halberdiers. Players should carefully consider their army composition and tactics to make the most of their Hobelar Units.

How to Use Hobelars Effectively

To maximize the potential of your Hobelar Units in Veggies Farm NFT Game, consider these strategies:

  1. Harass enemy ranged infantry: Utilize the Hobelars' speed to quickly engage and eliminate enemy ranged infantry units, disrupting the enemy's backline and protecting your own troops.

  2. Support your main army: Combine your Hobelars with other units to create a balanced and versatile army composition, capable of dealing with various threats on the battlefield.

Discover More Units in Veggies Farm NFT Game

As you progress through the Veggies Farm NFT Game, you'll encounter a diverse range of units, each with its own unique abilities and strengths. Be sure to visit the Units page to learn more about the exciting units available in the game.

In summary, the Hobelar Unit offers speed and agility to any player's army in Veggies Farm NFT Game. By understanding their strengths and weaknesses, as well as employing effective strategies, you can make the most of your Hobelar Units and secure victory on the battlefield. Enjoy the game, and happy farming!

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