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Squire is a middle-level cavalry unit.


Squire is a middle level Cavalry unit in Veggies Farm P2E Game.

Squires deal bonus damage to all Melee Infantry units.

HP: 160

Damage: 11

Armor: 9

Speed: 4.1

Player Level: 22

Upgrades required: Squire Gear

Squires served a knight as an attendant or shield carrier, doing simple but important tasks such as saddling a horse or caring for the knight's weapons and armor.

The squire would sometimes carry the knight's flag into battle with his master.

Use of the term evolved over time. Initially, a squire served as a knight's apprentice.

Later, a village leader or a lord of the manor might come to be known as a "squire", and still later, the term was applied to members of the landed gentry.

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