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Wheat is the first available crop.


Introducing Wheat, the first available crop in the Veggies Farm NFT Game, an essential component in the production of Flour. This article highlights the key features, growth time, and sale price of Wheat in the Farm Game, contributing to the overall Farming Crypto Game experience.

Overview of Wheat Crop

Wheat is the initial crop unlocked in the NFT Farm Game, playing a crucial role in Flour production. Flour, in turn, is a primary ingredient for a wide range of bakery-produced goods in the Veggies Farm Play-to-Earn game.

Key Features of Wheat Crop:

  • First available crop in the game

  • Used to produce Flour

  • Essential for creating various bakery-produced goods

Growing and Selling Wheat

To cultivate Wheat in the Farm Game, players need to purchase seeds and wait for the growth time to elapse. Once the Wheat is ready for harvest, it can be utilized to produce Flour or sold for coins.

Wheat Crop Specifications

  • Seed Price: 1 Coin

  • Grow Time: 2 Minutes

  • Sell Price: 2 Coins

  • Unlocks at: Level 0

Embark on your Veggies Farm NFT Game adventure and enhance your Farming Crypto Game experience by cultivating and utilizing the versatile Wheat crop.

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