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Presenting Flour, an essential good in the Veggies Farm NFT Game. Flour is a fundamental ingredient for various baked goods, contributing significantly to the Farming Crypto Game experience. This article outlines the ingredients, production time, and sale price for Flour in our NFT Farm Game.

Overview of Flour Good

Flour is a vital good in the Farm Game, produced from Wheat. It serves as a key ingredient for numerous bakery items in the Veggies Farm Play-to-Earn game. To create Flour, players need to have the required ingredients and be at the appropriate level.

Key Features of Flour Good:

  • Essential ingredient for various baked goods

  • Produced from Wheat

  • Significant for the overall farming experience

Crafting and Selling Flour

In the Farm Game, players can produce Flour by gathering the necessary ingredients and waiting for the production time to pass. Once the Flour is ready, it can be utilized for crafting baked goods or sold for coins.

Flour Good Specifications

  • Ingredients:

    • Coins: 1

    • Wheat: 1

  • Level Required: 2

  • Production Time: 1m 00s

  • Sell Price: 4 Coins

Elevate your Veggies Farm NFT Game experience by crafting Flour and using it for various bakery items in our Farming Crypto Game.

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