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Roquefort is an exquisite cheese that you can produce in your Cheese Factory on Veggies Farm. It serves as a high-value good, contributing significantly to the Play-to-Earn gaming experience. To craft this luxurious cheese, players need to have the required ingredients and reach the appropriate level in the game.

Key Features of Roquefort Good:

  • Gourmet cheese that adds a touch of luxury to your farm

  • Crafted from Sheep Milk

  • Significant for enriching your overall farming and culinary experience

Crafting and Selling Roquefort

In the Veggies Farm NFT Game, players can produce Roquefort by gathering the necessary ingredients and allowing the production time to elapse. Once your Roquefort is ready, you can either use it in complex crafting recipes or sell it for a handsome amount of coins.

Roquefort Good Specifications


  • Coins: 20

  • Sheep Milk: 1

Level Required:

  • Level 30

Production Time:

  • 12 hours

Sell Price:

  • 1,400 Coins

Elevate your Veggies Farm NFT Game experience by crafting Roquefort and selling it for a premium price. Not only does it add diversity and complexity to your farming adventure, but it also provides an excellent opportunity to earn more coins in our Farming Crypto Game.

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