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Pizza update

New features:

  • Added gems usage mechanics. Now it is possible to use gems in order to speed-up growth process

  • Mining - now multiplier applies to win if there are more than 3 veggies in a row. For example, if there's 4 veggies in combination, the multiplier will x2. If there's 5 veggies - multiplier will be x3. 6 veggies - x4, etc. This brings at least 30%-50% more profit during single mining session according to calculation.

  • New product available in Bakery - PIZZA

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed warehouse capacity bug, now there's no possibility to store more then maximum capacity

  • Fixed cakes and pancakes production bug, when there was no possibility to produce it

  • Compressed several game resources, so it should load faster now

  • Various performance improvements

  • Lots of small bugs fixed

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