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Pumpkin & Pickaxe Update

GMGEM Airdrop

We're thrilled to announce the latest release for Veggies Farm NFT Game. This update is jam-packed with new features, designed to enhance your gaming experience and immerse you even deeper into the world of farming and mining.

1. New Crop Alert: The Pumpkin

Just in time for the season, we've introduced the Pumpkin crop to our farms. Here are the details:

  • Availability: Unlocks for players at level 16.

  • Planting Price: 60 coins.

  • Selling Price: Harvest your pumpkins and sell them for 120 coins each.

  • Growth Time: Only 4 hours, with potential reductions from NFT modifiers like passes, Edgy Veggie NFT, and the Water Pump NFT.

This is a fantastic opportunity to diversify your farm and add a splash of orange to your fields.

2. Introducing the Gem Mine Building

Discover precious gems with our brand new building – the Gem Mine!

  • Function: Farm gems in-game, enhancing your wealth and game strategy.

  • Production: By default, the mine produces 1 gem every 24 hours. Remember to collect daily to restart the production process.

  • Boosts: With the Magic Pickaxe NFT, gem production can be increased up to 3 gems every 24 hours!

  • Availability & Cost: Access the Gem Mine upon reaching level 35, with a construction cost of 30k gold coins. Construction completes in 16.7 hours.

3. Boost Your Mining with Magic Pickaxe NFT

The Magic Pickaxe NFT isn’t just for show – it’s packed with benefits:

  • Gold Mine Revenue: Gain an additional 10% revenue from each game in the gold mine mini-game.

  • Gem Mine Boost: Enhance your gem harvesting by 1 additional gem every 24 hours.

  • Stacking: The effects are stackable. Owning 2 Magic Pickaxe NFTs will grant you a total of +20% revenue from gold mining and an additional 2 gems from gem mining. Note: Only the effects of up to 2 Magic Pickaxes will be active, ensuring game balance.

4. Misc: Visual Indicators for Water Pump NFTs

For a smoother and more intuitive gaming experience, we've added a visual representation of the number of Water Pump NFTs owned by a player. This feature can be accessed via the Water Pump popup menu, ensuring players have a clear understanding of their assets.

5. Important Bug Fixes:

Your feedback has been crucial, and we've addressed an essential issue in our mining mini-game. Players encountered an issue where the "no matches" case wasn't detected on the initial move, causing frustration. We're happy to report that this bug has been fixed, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable mining experience.

In Conclusion:

This release is a culmination of our team's hard work and your invaluable feedback. We're excited to see how these new additions will play out in the world of Veggies Farm NFT Game. Whether you're planting pumpkins, mining gems, or wielding the new Magic Pickaxe NFT, there's something for everyone in this update.

Happy farming and mining, dear players! Let's make this season the best one yet🚀🌱🎮

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