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"Waterworks" Update + Giveaway!

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Waterworks Update

We're happy to announce our new game update for Veggies Farm, your favorite NFT Farm Game.

A free Water Pump NFT giveaway is included in the update, watch the video to learn more!

We've been working hard implementing new stuff, refining existing, and fixing bugs to deliver a more smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. So, what's new? Let's dive right in!

New In-Game NFT Item: Water Pump

If you thought the NFT Farm experience couldn't get any better, think again. We're introducing the Water Pump, an in-game NFT item crafted to enhance your farming tactics. This powerful addition reduces your crop grow time by a whopping 10%. For players boasting an Edgy Veggie NFT, this translates to a staggering reduction in grow time. For instance, sunflowers that previously took 12 hours to blossom will now radiate their beauty in just 8 hours and 24 minutes!

Fresh Goods: Sunflower Oil

While the sunflowers grow faster, we're also granting you the chance to produce Sunflower Oil, a fresh addition to the NFT Farm Game's list of goods. With a mere 2-hour production time, you can transform your sunflowers into this valuable oil, selling it for 620 coins. The Game economy is about to get a lot more exciting!

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Game Engine Upgrade: Always striving for excellence, we've updated our game engine to the latest version, ensuring smoother and more immersive gameplay.

  • Streamlined Market Stall and Shop Experience: Say goodbye to zero quantity items. From now on, only available goods will grace the Market Stall and Shop. Selling goods just became a tad more effortless.

  • Visual Enhancements: The Town Gate and Walls have received a fresh coat of texture paint, aligning better with the overall aesthetic of our NFT Farm Game.

  • Optimized Game Loading: With some of our static resources moved to a new server, players can expect a swift game loading time, catapulting them straight into action.

Bug Fixes

To ensure your NFT Farm experience remains top-notch, we've compressed some textures, further speeding up the game's loading time. We're continually working on ironing out any kinks, ensuring your gameplay remains seamless and enjoyable.

A Note to Our Players

While we're ecstatic about this release, we're also eager to remind our players about the exclusive benefits awaiting them. If you haven't already, make sure to grab the Edgy Veggie NFT from our website. This not only entitles you to a free Veggie Knight airdrop but also ensures you will receive all upcoming in-game NFTs, absolutely free of charge.

This update embodies our commitment to ensuring that the Veggies Farm NFT Game remains at the forefront of the crypto gaming realm. Dive into the enhanced world of farming, trade, and strategy as you explore the opportunities this update unveils. Happy farming!

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