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"Roquefort" update + Giveaway!

Blueberry Battlefront

We're thrilled to introduce our latest game update for Veggies Farm, your favorite NFT Game.

A free Land Plot NFT giveaway is included in the update, watch the video to learn more! We've been hard at work implementing new features, refining existing ones, and squashing bugs to deliver a more robust and enjoyable gaming experience. So, what's new? Let's dive right in!

Miscellaneous Updates

Under Attack Message

First off, we've introduced a new "under attack" message for those whose towns have recently been targeted. This new feature will show you the number of times your town was attacked and how many coins you've lost. Clicking this message will direct you to the Battle Log, giving you a detailed look at your town's battle history.

Improved Warehouse Management

We've also made some quality-of-life improvements in your warehouse management. From now on, only available goods will appear in your inventory, eliminating items with zero quantity. This new filter should help you manage your assets more efficiently.

Hint for Upcoming Building

And for those who love a good teaser, we've included a hint about an upcoming building. All we can say right now is that it seems dragon-related. Stay tuned for more updates!

Introducing New Goods: Roquefort Cheese

Yes, you read that right! We've added Roquefort Cheese to our list of farmable goods. With a production time of 12 hours and a selling price of 1,400 coins, Roquefort is a luxurious addition to your NFT Farm.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Faster Loading Time

We've compressed some game textures, which should contribute to faster game loading times. This means you can get into the game and start farming faster than ever.

Unfinished Battles

For those who have been inconvenienced by unfinished battles, worry no more! You won't be spending any extra energy to finish those battles anymore.

Rendering Improvements

Lastly, some rendering improvements have been applied to enhance the game's overall visual quality.

Other Notes

For our dedicated players, don't forget that you can still grab an Edgy Veggie NFT on our website. By doing so, you'll also receive a free Veggie Knight airdrop, along with all upcoming in-game NFTs, absolutely free!

We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements in the Veggies Farm NFT Game. As always, we're committed to providing a top-notch NFT Farm gaming experience. Thank you for being a part of our growing community!

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