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Wind Mill

Wind Mill

The Wind Mill is designed to produce flour in Veggies Farm NFT game.

Explore the Wind Mill Building, an essential production facility in the Veggies Farm NFT Game, which allows players to produce flour from wheat. This article will provide an in-depth look at the Wind Mill Building's role and benefits in the exciting world of our Farming Crypto Game.

Overview of the Wind Mill Building

The Wind Mill Building is a crucial part of the Game environment in Veggies Farm. It becomes available once you reach level 2, enabling you to produce flour from wheat, which can then be used to craft various goods for sale.

Key Features of the Wind Mill Building:

  • Unlocked at level 2

  • Produces Flour from Wheat

  • Contributes to the creation of different goods

Flour Production in the Wind Mill Building

To create flour in the Wind Mill Building in the Farm Game, players need to harvest wheat and use it in the Wind Mill. Flour, in turn, can be utilized in the production of a range of goods that can be sold in the game.

Wind Mill Building Specifications

  • Price: 1,500 coins

  • Unlocks at: Level 2

Begin your NFT Farm Game journey and enhance your Farming NFT Game experience by unlocking and leveraging the Wind Mill Building for the production of valuable flour and other goods.

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