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"Blueberry Battlefront" update + Giveaway!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Blueberry Battlefront

Blueberry Battlefront update for Veggies Farm NFT game has been just released! There's new good inside, new mechanics, new building and a lot more!

There is also a Free Town House NFT giveaway included in this update, watch the video to learn more!

Restart your game client to try the update out, game changes won't apply while the game client is not restarted.

Veggies Farm, the innovative NFT Farm game is proud to announce its latest game release! We have introduced a variety of new updates, features, and fixes to enhance the player experience, making the Veggies Farm more engaging and exciting than ever before.

Embrace The New Order

Among the many exciting updates in our NFT Game, one of the most impactful changes is the PVP units display order in the Town location. Now, the unit order displayed in the town directly reflects the order in PVP battle itself. This vital change makes your strategy planning more intuitive and aligned with the battle conditions.

Additionally, players now have the ability to change the units order in the Town location. This functionality allows you to adapt and alter your strategy, depending on your preferred unit types. With this enhanced feature, your battles in the NFT Farm Game can now take on a whole new dimension of strategy and excitement.

If your PVP opponent doesn't have any units, the default units that will fight for them will now be dependent on your opponent's level. For example, if your opponent's level is higher than 30, 3 Halberdiers would be summoned instead of 3 peasants. This change balances the game dynamics and keeps the gameplay challenging and exciting.

New Additions and Exciting Opportunities

In the spirit of constant innovation, we have introduced the Town House building in the form of NFT. If you are the proud owner of a Town House NFT, this building will be proudly displayed in your Town location, offering a sense of achievement and ownership.

We have also introduced a new product – the Blueberry Cake. The time to produce the Blueberry Cake is 8 hours, and once ready, it can be sold for a whopping 1200 coins. This tasty new addition provides players with another opportunity to grow their wealth in our NFT Farm Game.

Fixes and Improvements

We have made several fixes and improvements to make your experience on Veggies Farm smoother and more enjoyable.

Bridge texture has been reworked and replaced, now it should better fit to overall game aesthetics.

Bugs related to in-game music playback starting after PVP battle, even if you disabled music in settings, have been fixed. Additionally, we have rectified an issue with the display of player energy after PVP battle.

We have applied some loading performance improvements to ensure a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. Furthermore, some rendering improvements have been applied to improve the overall aesthetics of the game.

Looking Forward

Veggies Farm is not just about enjoying the game; it's about being part of a vibrant and exciting community. Don't forget about our upcoming token presale event. Now, you can get an Edgy Veggie NFT on our website using ETH, BNB, or Matic coins.

The latest release of the Veggies Farm NFT Farm Game introduces innovative features, exciting updates, and user-friendly fixes that all contribute to a more engaging and fun gaming experience. We remain committed to enhancing Veggies Farm, always striving to bring new dimensions to your gaming experience. So, dive into the new Veggies Farm and take your NFT farming experience to the next level!

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Joven Chan
Joven Chan
Jul 29, 2023

I cannot open my accnt please help.. almost 1 month already

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