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"Feed Mill" update

New Structures:

  • Feed Mill has been added to game. It is used to produce a feed for domestic animals (chicken, sheep, cow) that will be added to Veggies Farm P2E game in next updates (next week). The price of Feed Mill is 14k coins. The construction time is 400 minutes, minus your account modifiers. Prepare some animals feed supply in your warehouse before animals arrived to game.

New Goods:

  • Chicken feed has been added to game

  • Sheep feed has been added to game

  • Cow feed has been added to game

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Mozilla Firefox compatibility issues

  • Fixed UI level bar layer depth issue (level bar overlapping with game objects)

  • Fixed a bug when player could use a building during construction process

  • Fixed an issue when game could freeze after returning to village from mining session

  • Fixed a bug when Music and Sound settings were not respecting values set in game menu

  • Fixed game menu in mine

  • Several small bug-fixes and performance improvements

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