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Introducing PVP Battle Tournaments

Introducing PVP Tournaments

In the dynamic world of blockchain gaming, Veggies Farm, a renowned NFT farm, continues to push the boundaries. Now, players can not only earn $MATIC by playing the game, but also compete for additional rewards in thrilling Player versus Player (PVP) Battle Tournaments. Let's dive into the details of this exciting new feature.

PVP Tournaments

The addition of PVP Battle Tournaments to Veggies Farm ushers in a fresh wave of competition, strategy, and rewards. From this week, a portion of the overall reward pool, ranging from 10-20% depending on the week, is set aside for these tournaments. This not only adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay but also introduces a new avenue for players to earn rewards.

Veggies Farm has always been a game of strategy, and the introduction of PVP tournaments only amplifies this aspect. As players compete against each other in these tournaments, they don’t just play for bragging rights. There are tangible rewards at stake, which are carved out of the PVP prize pool.

Tournaments Rules

The distribution of the PVP prize pool is designed to reward both the top performers and the active participants. The top five PVP players share 50% of the PVP pool. The next five (i.e., those ranked 6-10) share 33% of the remaining pool. The rest of the pool is evenly distributed among all the players who participated in PVP battles during the week.

This distribution ensures that while excellence is rewarded, participation and effort are also recognized. It encourages players to participate more actively in PVP battles, adding to the overall vibrancy and competitiveness of the game.

PVP Points

Let's break down how points are awarded or deducted in these PVP battles:

  • Win a battle, and you get 100 points added to your tally.

  • For each unit you defeat, you gain an additional 5 points.

  • However, for each unit you lose, you have 2 points deducted from your score.

  • If you lose a battle, 25 points are subtracted from your score.

Tournaments Leaderboard

Remember, each battle, each unit defeated or lost, and each victory or defeat has a direct impact on your standing in the PVP tournament. So, plan your strategies wisely and maximize your points to climb the leaderboards!

The introduction of PVP Battle Tournaments in Veggies Farm is a game-changer. It adds a new dimension to the gameplay, making it more engaging and rewarding for the players. So gear up, strategize, and get ready to take on your opponents in the virtual farmland. Happy gaming!

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