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New Giveaway And Other Updates

Blockchain gaming is becoming more popular than ever, and Veggies Farm NFT Game is at the forefront of this revolution. As an expert in blockchain gaming, I'm here to share some exciting updates about the Veggies Farm NFT Game that will make it more engaging, accessible, and rewarding for players around the world. Let's dive into the details!

Veggies Farm free NFTs

Veggies Farm Goes Multilingual + Giveaway

Veggies Farm NFT Game is growing, and to accommodate our diverse and international community, we are excited to announce that the game is now available in three new languages: Filipino, Portuguese, and Ukrainian! These additional languages will make Veggies Farm more accessible to players from the Philippines, Portugal, Brazil, Ukraine, and beyond, further expanding our vibrant community.

Other Updates - PVP Tournaments, New Min. Withdrawals

In addition to the new language support, Veggies Farm NFT Game is also introducing some exciting gameplay updates. Soon, players will be able to engage in epic battles through weekly or monthly PVP tournaments with separate prize pools. These tournaments will offer additional rewards for climbing the leaderboards, providing even more incentives for players to participate.

To improve the withdrawal process and address the high Polygon gas fees, Veggies Farm has increased the minimum withdrawal amount to 0.4 MATIC. This decision was made after conducting a poll among our players, who voted in favor of increasing the minimum withdrawal amount. The other options considered were leaving the system as it was, with slow withdrawals during high gas prices, or lowering the overall pool to compensate for the gas fees. Ultimately, the increased minimum withdrawal amount was chosen to provide a better experience for our players.


Veggies Farm NFT Game is constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs of our growing community. With the addition of new language support, exciting PVP tournaments, and improved withdrawal options, we're confident that the game will continue to thrive and provide a fun and engaging experience for players worldwide. Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the Veggies Farm NFT Game, and happy farming!

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Mark Francis Baylon
Mark Francis Baylon
May 13, 2023

Thank you

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