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"The Sawmill" update

Cheese Factory in Veggies Farm NFT game

Sawmill update for Veggies Farm NFT game is here! The sawmill update includes new building, new minigame, a new good, some animation improvements and more!

Restart your game client to try it out, changes wont apply while the game client is not restarted.

New buildings:

New goods:

  • Wood was added to game

New features:

  • New Forest minigame


  • Added XP indicator to mining minigame win popup

  • Added game info tips on loading screen

  • Added in-game popups close action animation

  • Cannery production sound updated

  • Mining minigame selected veggie release sound added

  • Moved web3.js from github CDN to game server CDN in order to overcome firewall blocking by several China internet providers

Bug Fixes:

  • Several small bug-fixes and performance improvements

Note: Don't forget to check out and join Veggies Farm Partners referral system to earn additional MATIC by inviting your friends!

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