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Treasure Chest update

New features:

  • Expanded gems usage mechanics. Now it is possible to use gems in order to speed-up structure build process

  • Treasure Chests added to game. Each chest is an NFT which could be collected in game, minted on this website or bought on secondary market - OpenSea. All chest types has a limited supply. That was done in order to make sure that the price wont inflate together with chests supply growth. This will help to sell collected chests with a benefit to players. From now on you are able to open chests in game. You can check your chests balance or open a chest in a game menu popup under game assets section.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed production price bug, when you could craft some goods even with insufficient ingredients balance.

  • Fixed some sound levels, added some new sounds to game.

  • Lots of small bug-fixes and performance improvements

Visit Veggies Farm game to try all new features!

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