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"New Animations" update

Cheese Factory in Veggies Farm NFT game

New Animations update for Veggies Farm NFT game is here! The New Animations update includes new textures and animations for Market Stall, Warehouse, Bank, some performance improvements and more!

Restart your game client to try it out, changes wont apply while the game client is not restarted.


  • New textures and animations for Bank building

  • New Textures and animations for Market Stall building

  • New textures and animations for Warehouse building

  • Forest Minigame info updated

Bug Fixes:

  • Loader info badge texture missing fix

  • Game loading speed improved

  • Several small bug-fixes and performance improvements

Note: Don't forget to check out and join Veggies Farm Partners referral system to earn additional MATIC by inviting your friends!

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